You Can Stay Home With Your Kids Book Review

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You Can Stay Home With Your Kids Book Review

You Can Stay Home With Your Kids

by Erin Odom
Length: Approximately 2 hours. To read (209 pages).
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Book Overview

This is a very practical approach to anyone who wishes to stay home with her kids but is struggling with figuring out how to make ends meet – even if you have been staying home for years and just need to learn how to be more frugal. The book is well thought out and organized. The information is given in handy bite size bits at a time and written in a very down to earth style.

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You Can Stay Home with Your Kids is an adorable compact gift sized book with adorable folksy art cover. When I first saw this book, I was attracted to the cover – and excited about the contents! Then I saw it was by Erin Odom – the very voice of The Humbled Homemaker Blog! I have followed her blog for years – it is one of my favorites! Special thanks to Erin and Angela Guzman from Harper Collins Christian Publishers for sending me this book! It was an encouragement and a joy to read!

Almost every mother I have spoken with who is in the work force wishes she could stay home with her kids. The vast majority of Stay At Home Moms that I know personally are struggling to make ends meet. My work-from-home job of 10 years came to a close and I was desperate to find a way to ensure we could afford for me to stay home with our kids and homeschool like my husband and I feel called for me to do.  A few days later I saw this book posted on social media and knew I had to read it.


Truthfully, I was very surprised when my book arrived. I didn’t realize it was a “gift book” – so it was much smaller than I had anticipated.  The book covers a lot of great areas that people need to focus on financially – how to create a budget, eliminating debt, ways of shopping frugally, etc.

While most of the information was stuff I had read in other books on money management, it was very handy having all that information condensed in a quick reference format. I appreciated the personal experiences she notes throughout the book. There is even a section on how to make money from home, which was a really nice touch.


While it is not the book telling you everything you need to know, it absolutely lays down the groundwork. This book is very helpful primarily for providing a broad range of areas to focus on.


FAVORITE QUOTES:                                

“Knowing your purpose in creating more income helps you to stay focused.” Pg 180


About the Author:

M. Ashley Evans
Ashley's Blog
She is from a beautiful, small, rural town in northeast Alabama and now resides in northwest Georgia. Ashley married her best friend, John, and they have two lovely girls: Emma, and Faith. They are active members in their Southern Baptist church. She is enthusiastically pursuing sanctification in roles as a wife, mother, and homemaker. Her interests include writing, art, engraving, and shooting sports. Further interests include reformed theology, complementarian marriage, home-schooling, music, homesteading, studying Asperger's, and natural health. Ashley graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health with a Master Herbalist degree. Blog


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