The Ultimate Proof of Creation Book Review

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The Ultimate Proof of Creation Book Review

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

by Dr. Jason Lisle
Length: Approximately 9 hours. To read (218 pages)
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Book Overview

Is there such a thing as an ultimate proof of creation? Dr. Jason Lisle affirms and explains in his book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate.

Who should read this?

This book is recommended for all Christians looking to sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and to always be ready to give an answer to those who ask a reason for the hope that is within you.

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As Christians, it should be our deepest desire to take 1 Peter 3:15 to heart and glorify God with our speech as we carefully craft our words with salt and light. To love our neighbor is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be graciously prepared to give a defense. How does one accomplish this? Is there any one way to go about it? Do I need to provide evidences and understand a lot of science?

There are many who contend that unbiased evidence is the absolute standard, that by compelling evidence the origins debate can be settled. Then there are others who believe scientific evidence is entirely irrelevant. Lisle explains that, although scientific evidence is useful in discussions relating to the origin of life, it cannot settle the matter.

The crux lies in one’s worldview. All facts are interpreted in light of it. Evidence cannot speak for itself. There is nothing neutral in this universe—our beliefs about God, the universe, morality, and more are colored through our life’s experiences and presuppositions.

The lens in which we view reality will determine how we interpret the evidence. The myth of neutrality has long been perpetrated by believers and unbelievers alike. As positive as evidence may be, to present it to someone with an antithetical worldview may not be the best course to take. Our most reasonable and logical arguments using evidence will fall on deaf ears to someone whose reality is colored by an unbelieving worldview.

So if evidences are interpreted through our worldview, what’s the point of apologetics? 1st Peter 3:15 gives us our base answer. Like evangelism, it is because it is part and parcel of our identify in Christ. Some plant. Some water. But it is God who gives growth. And so it is with apologetics. Its importance cannot be overstated.

Though it is the Holy Spirit who regenerates, God in his graciousness uses you and me to bring about all His holy will. And what is most reassuring, is to trust that Christ provides in himself all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Lisle, in “The Ultimate Proof,” helps us see this. The ultimate proof is simply this: that without the  God of Scripture, you can’t prove anything. Greg Bahsen said it this way, “Christianity is reasonable in virtue of the impossibility of the contrary.” Lisle shows this in his book. He helps the reader understand that it is only Christianity that makes sense of reality. It is only Christianity that is logically consistent.

Dr. Jason Lisle takes us through the nature of evidence and how worldviews affect us, especially as it deals with apologetics. He explains and illustrates ultimate proof and then explores the nature and concept of logic and how it applies.


I am a huge fan of Greg Bahnsen, who has written several books on presuppositional apologetics. I believe Lisle’s book, “The Ultimate Proof of Creation,” deserves to be shelved on the same bookshelf. While Bahnsen’s books apply to all areas of apologetics, Lisle applies his specifically to the creation/evolution debate.

That his is more focused is of great use, especially to those who are frequently engaging in debates with skeptics. Lisle lays the basic foundation in discussing worldviews and the nature of evidence and then goes on to explain how it applies in debates.

This book contains a mini-course in logic. If you are anything like me, it might take a few run-throughs to understand its mechanics thoroughly. But his strength is in taking a complex topic and relating it to the average reader. He gives examples in his discussions of logical fallacies and equips the reader to spot them whenever engaging skeptics.

His style is pleasant and conversational. Illustrations are scattered throughout the pages. For those familiar with the ministry Answers in Genesis, I’m sure you will recognize them. Dr. Lisle has put together an excellent primer on apologetics. One that doesn’t depend on our knowledge but on the treasure that is Christ.

He leads the reader step by step through both formal and informal logic, explaining its mechanics. Then he goes a step further by illustrating how a skeptic would use logical fallacy in a debate. Then, in turn, he arms us with a proper response using the ultimate proof of creation.

You needn’t know the complexities of science. But you can hold your own in a debate by reducing your opponent’s worldview to absurdity. Only Christianity is logically consistent. Lisle reaffirms this continually in his book. His aim is to prepare us to unashamedly share our faith with the confidence in our ultimate standard, which is Christ.

He breaks presuppositional apologetics down for even the average layperson. He walks through each subject with precision. His examples and illustrations bring apologetics alive in a way that’s easy to understand.

Practical. That’s the word I would use to describe “The Ultimate Proof of Creation.” This isn’t a book to be read once and relegated to the back of the book pile. It’s one to be used time and again and to be passed around. It’s contents are vital.

I say this as someone who once engaged skeptics using evidence based apologetics. These cannot be said to have been debates but two people with two vastly different worldviews talking over each other.

Skeptics love to emphasize logic. But their worldviews are anything but logical.

Do you know how to spot the logical inconsistencies? Lisle shows you how. He gets his readers to understand what the issue really is, how we should view apologetics. Do we put God in the docket or do we show the skeptic that without God he has no leg to stand on? Which method glorifies God?

To those who are accustomed to evidence based apologetics, this might be a paradigm shift for you. Lisle emphasizes that evidence has its place, but it must be secondary. There is no use in arguing over evidence when your worldviews are antithetical. It will become frustrating for both of you.

Christ is our ultimate standard. Everything we do and are should reflect that. This is the takeaway from Lisle’s book. Don’t let a skeptic run with data to prove his case. Let him know that without Christ, he couldn’t prove anything. Merely by coming to the debate, he has conceded.

He is borrowing from the Christian worldview. Don’t let him. Force himself to logically face his own worldview. He won’t be able to withstand it, and will, according to Lisle, look for a rescuing device and a way out.

Let the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ grace our speech as we seek to honor God with our endeavors.

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We are means by which God works in history. God is ultimate. It is He that brings change and growth. It is with this in mind that we approach apologetics. And it is this which Dr. Jason Lisle gives us the tools to do so in a manner that will give God all the glory.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s one I’ll be returning to often, along with Bahnsen’s “Always Ready: Directons for Defending the Faith” and “Presuppositional Apologetics Stated and Defended.”

If you are interested in engaging in apologetics, I implore you to check this one out.


  • But by now it should at least be very clear that everyone interprets evidence in light of his or her worldview. And it is clear that creationists and evolutionists have different worldviews, and as a result, they interpret the same evidence differently. For this reason, evidence by itself will not cause a person to reconsider his worldview. Any scientific evidence can be interpreted in such a way as to fit into any given worldview (p.28). 
  • Evolutionists must assume the preconditions of intelligibility in order to make any argument whatsoever; they must assume things like laws of logic and uniformity of nature. But these preconditions of intelligibility do not comport with an evolutionary worldview; they only make sense if creation is true. Hence, we have an ultimate proof of creation: we know that biblical creation must be true because if it were not, we could not know anything at all (pp. 45-46).

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