9 Best Books on Presuppositional Apologetics To Read First

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With so many Christian books on Presuppositional Apologetics, which are the best? These Christian books on Presuppositional Apologetics made it to our list of top books and we’ve compiled them to make it easy for you to find them.

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(Top Christian Books on Presuppositional Apologetics)


1) The Defense of the Faith


The Defense of the Faith
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This new, annotated edition of “The Defense of the Faith” restores the full text of the original work in a form that is more easily understood.

Cornelius Van Til, who taught for more than forty-five years at Westminster Seminary, sometimes used philosophical vocabulary in “The Defense,” and many of his conversation partners and critics were not widely known. When later editions greatly abridged this work for these reasons, valuable discussions were laid aside.


2) Van Til’s Apologetic


Van Til's Apologetic
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In this volume, Bahnsen has gathered the primary passages on apologetics from the vast body of works by Cornelius Van Til, arranged them topically, and added incisive commentary and analysis.

The result is a carefully organized digest of all that Van Til taught about apologetics with running exposition by Bahnsen.


3) Apologetics to the Glory of God: An Introduction


Apologetics to the Glory of God sheds needed light on the message and method of genuinely Christian apologetics. Frame insightfully examines apologetics as proof, defense, and offense and clarifies the relationships of reason, proofs, and evidences to faith, biblical authority, and the lordship of Christ.

He also takes a fresh look at probability arguments and gives special attention to the problem of evil.


4) God Is. How Christianity Explains Everything



The most hard-hitting response to atheist Christopher Hitchens available! Continuing his series of responses to the recent atheists, Doug Wilson reaches a level of wit and insight rarely found among even the best of apologetic literature.

Doug easily demonstrates the fallacies, prejudice, and irrationality of perhaps the most talented of the atheistic writers today, and shows how Christianity is the only reasonable, solid, and in fact, necessary, alternative.


5) God and Evil: The Problem Solved (Trinity Paper No. 46)



God and Evil: The Problem Solved (Trinity Paper No. 46)


6) Symphonic Theology: The Validity of Multiple Perspectives in Theology



The truth of God is rich and multifaceted. Though a coherent body of revelation, the Bible comes to us through a variety of inspired authors, metaphors, and themes, highlighting the many facets of God’s truth.

Likewise, our theological formulations capture manifold emphases distinct “perspectives” on the whole which collectively enable us to gain a fuller understanding of the truth. Poythress explains, “We use what we have gained from one perspective to reinforce, correct, or improve what we understood through another.


7) Reasons for Faith: Philosophy in the Service of Theology



“Apologetics has a deeply human side that is concerned with the whole person,” say William Edgar. This book bears that out in both tone and content. While affirming the importance of reason in answering unbelief, Edgar invites us to make full use of the diverse forms of persuasion aimed at the unbelieving heart.

Part one lays out the biblical foundations for apologetics, and part two explores actual objections and arguments. When we understand biblical apologetics and the reasons for disbelief, we will be better able to cut through intellectual smoke screens of our day.


8) Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith



This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian apologetics, including his Apologetics syllabus, articles on practical apologetic problems (like the problem of evil, the problem of miracles, etc.), and an exposition of Acts 17. (paper)


9) God Does Exist!: Defending the faith using presuppositional apologetics, evidence, and the impossibility of the contrary



GOD DOES EXIST! You will encounter recent apologetic research employing Van Til’s and Bahnsen’s Presuppositional argument through a fresh street-level approach that allows you to:

– Refute atheism and agnosticism
– Demonstrate that the triune God exists
– Intellectually defeat vain philosophy
– Learn how to share your faith with confidence
– Discover how logic, morality, and mathematics presuppose God
– Apply presuppositional apologetics to disprove Darwinism
– Utilize Evidential Apologetics within a Covenantal Apologetic framework.




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