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Dear Writer,

Thank you for your interest in contributing an article to our site! To share a little bit about Top Christian Books, we exist to connect people with … you guessed it … the top Christian books, both old and new. We are passionate about Jesus and because Jesus Himself was the word of God, we are passionate about words, phrases, sentences, and books; because God uses words to change lives. Before you go any further, please take a minute to check out our About us page and our beliefs, if you haven’t already to ensure we’re on the same page.

We are looking for articles in these following categories: Christian Living, Culture, Theology, Devotional, Apologetics, Family Matters, Book Reviews.

While we represent a broad spectrum of theological views, we reserve the right to graciously turn down any article that we feel does not align with our core evangelical views.


Please submit all entries to:
Email Subject: “TCB Guest Post – Article Title by Author

Your article will not be considered if not titled as such.


Please note: If you republish the submitted post, please link back to the post on this site. Thanks!


Checklist of Five!

Please include in Email Body:

  1. Category of Blog Post (see above)
  2. A short author bio blurb with a picture of yourself with links to social platforms (if any)

Please include as Attachments:

  1. Article (800-2000 words) in a Word document (.doc)
  2. A good quality picture for the article (we recommend
    1. Make the dimensions are landscape, not portrait.
  3. Picture of yourself for bio



Articles will be reviewed every first weekend of the month and if accepted, we will contact you with the scheduled publishing date.


TCB Team


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