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Grow Book Review


by Justin Huffman
Length: To read (95 pages).
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Book Overview

Spiritual growth should be at the very top of any Christian’s list of measurable success in Christ. “Grow” offers a very practical approach and solution to one of the essential questions that one could ask of themselves, “Am I growing spiritually?”

Who should read this?

“Grow” was written in such a manner that every Christian should own a copy and begin applying the material inside. Anyone who desperately wants to grow closer to Christ needs a copy in their personal library.

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The How:

I loved the personal touch and tonality of “Grow”. Justin displayed the perfect pastoral heart when he wrote “Grow”. Many of the books you read with the plethora of wealth that “Grow” possesses have the tendency to be written at scholarly levels. There is nothing wrong with a scholarly book every so often, but I really appreciate Justin’s voice within the pages. It is as if you are sitting around the table having a cup of coffee and discussing things such as Spiritual growth.

The Why:

Justin’s purpose for such a book I believe comes from the command to the apostle Peter to grow spiritually in 2 Peter 3:18. To quote Justin, “We are to apply ourselves to some Biblical principles that God promises will lead to spiritual growth.”(Pg. 10) He calls us to grow in grace and encourages his readers to interact with the text through questions at the end of each chapter.

For just a moment let us be honest with ourselves. How many times are we truly measuring our spiritual growth and reflecting on ways to grow more like our Savior? There are examples all through “Grow” that really cause us to examine ourselves and be honest with our daily routines of growth.

It is my personal opinion that Justin deeply desires to see what any pastor wants to see growth amongst God’s people. With all of the self-help books in the world today Christians need something written like “Grow” to encourage them that spiritual growth does not have to be rocket science. I believe Justin really portrays this truth with elegance and ease. Spiritual growth leads the believer to the everlasting joy that can only be found in the depths of Christ.

The What:

In a book like “Grow” The author Justin grabs a hold of the main subject being spiritual growth and expounds upon the topic in such a manner that any Christian young or old can navigate through its pages with ease. Justin doesn’t simply state his opinion throughout “Grow” he took great time to back every argument with Scripture and logical explanation. This makes the book so practical for every Christian.

However, I do not want to take away from the vast amount of knowledge and study that went into writing the book. There is no lack of substance within the pages of Grow. From the beginning, Justin covers topics such as prayer, devotions, disciplining yourself, being doers of the word, and making disciples in relation to our spiritual growth.

“Let your life and your words be your expression of gratitude to Jesus.” (Pg.44) Phrases like these stand out in this wonderful book expressing an urgency and a sincerity for true Christian growth. The apostle Paul encouraged believers everywhere to be like-minded with Christ, Grow is encouraging us to do the same!


My personal perspective of “Grow” is simple, it is a must-have in my library. I love the simplicity and tonality that goes throughout the entire book. I literally received a copy of the book and did not put it down until I was finished. As a pastor myself I found the truth behind the intent and really loved to apply this to my personal life and look forward to using it for others within my congregation. If I am to be truly honest I would say that I am a bit biased to “Grow”. The author has been a pastor for over fifteen years, and I can relate well to his thought pattern within the book.

Many of you reading this are probably a lot like me with respect to finding a new book to read. I like to read the reviews and then glance at the author’s intent. If the author’s intent grabs my attention I usually read the book. I have read a lot of great books on Spiritual growth and discipleship and many of them I would read over again, “Grow” has made it to that list. Justin stated his purpose and then drove the point home in such a manner that you can’t put it down. I think he did an excellent job of stating a purpose and following through in a concise manner.

You have heard me say this book is simple to read, etc… This is not a shortcoming by any means. I have numerous books like “Grow” where the author uses terminology that far surpasses the intellect of a non-Doctoral education. Justin really did a superb presentation within his work. Nowhere does the author’s voice get removed from the pages, it is personal and that is very evident.


The author’s personal strengths absolutely convey in his writing. I mentioned before he is a pastor with a pastors heart. He sincerely cares for people. His writing style shows his compassion and understanding, even giving a glimpse into some of his personal life with adoption as an illustration of God and his love for people. I really believe his personality is known for his writing and I personally love books like this.

In the realm of Spiritual growth books, I find there are a lot of people who love to write about the topic but few really live it. I, of course like many of you reading this can find a book like “Grow” and might simply say, “another book on growth” but I can honestly say this is not just another book on growth. Grow is practical, applicable, and most importantly Biblical. I can tell by the writing style and voice Justin, practices what he preaches. To say that Justin has some superior knowledge on the topic would be unfair to a lot of really great author’s. I do feel that he has a way of driving a point home without leaving you exhausted from trying to understand what you just read.

I believe there are numerous takeaways from reading Grow. Honesty stands out to me the most. Justin is honest with his readers, and “Grow” requires us to be honest with ourselves in respect of our own spiritual growth. As serious as this topic is in a world of watered down teaching and preaching, believers need this illumination of their spiritual lives to grow into Christlikeness and righteousness.


As with anything a person does in life we all have a weakness or some room for improvement. While I loved the simplicity of the read, I really wished at the end I could continue on with the study of “Grow”. I really was left with the impression this book just flew by. I pray that Justin releases a continuation of this book for future reading that may continue his wonderful work on the subject.   


 To conclude this review of “Grow” I simply want to share my heartfelt opinion. I love nothing more than picking up a great book and reading until I am lost in its pages. With Grow, I found myself lost in the plethora of great teaching.

 “Grow” encouraged me to take an honest and deep look into my personal growth and then provided ways to consider improving upon this matter. I believe this is the way Christ intends His teachings as well. He reveals to us our shortcomings with all sincerity and then He provides a way for us to overcome those shortcomings.

Justin Huffman really expresses what it is like to grow in God’s grace. He gives example after example, Biblically, and logically for each person who reads will be left with no excuse for not growing spiritually. Most importantly he doesn’t stop there, he then charges his readers into action with a Christlike vision and purpose to “Go” and make disciples!

Do your soul a favor and pick up a copy of Grow. Find yourself lost in its pages and rediscover what Spiritual growth means in your life!


  • “Let your life and your words be your expression of gratitude to Jesus.” (Pg.44)

  • “Having been commanded to grow spiritually – for our own joy and for the glory of Jesus- we can rest assured that God has provided the means we will need for this worthy pursuit.” (Pg.9)

  • “Our growth in grace is so that to him will be the glory”(Pg.8)

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