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Christian Book Giveaways

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If you’d like to sponsor our next giveaway, you can contact us at Please note, we do not give away books from independent authors, sorry!

Three ways we’ve been able to fund these fun giveaways:

  1. Our generous donors and sponsors.
  2. Commissions we receive from your Amazon book purchases via TCB.
  3. Advertising fees.

We only hold book giveaways of books that align with our convictions.

The winner will be announced first in our TCB email. Make sure you’re signed up for that if you haven’t already! Additionally, we will also send out a TCB check-in notification which you can turn on via the dark blue button on the right side of the screen (desktop only). Lastly, the winner will be posted at the end of this page.

If you are the winner, we will email you directly before the announcement to make sure you’re a real person. 🙂


The winner of the the 32-Vol Counterpoints Library giveaway:

The winner of the giveaway is Ryan Mendoza! Congratulations!!

We’ve sent you a separate email with further information 🙂


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