13 Christian Books on Fatherhood You Should Read

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With so many Christian books on Fatherhood, which are the best? These Christian books on Fatherhood made it to our list of top books and we’ve compiled them to make it easy for you to find them.

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(Top Christian Books on Fatherhood)


1) Brave Dad: Raising Your Kids to Love and Follow God



The rewards of being a brave dad are great. But no guts, no glory. First you have to be willing to follow God’s job description for dads as given in the Bible.

In Brave Dad you’ll receive guidance on…

• the starting point of being a godly dad—loving your wife
• how to raise children who desire to follow God
• ways to lovingly discipline kids and encourage obedience
• traps to avoid in the course of parenting
• the power of a dad’s example to shape children for life


2) The Power of a Praying Parent


List Price: $15.99
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Stormie Omartian and her husband, Michael, spent 20 years raising their children…and more than 40 years praying for them.

Now, in 32 short, easy-to-read chapters, Stormie shares how you can pray through each stage of your child’s life, from early childhood to adulthood.


3) Being a Dad Who Leads


List Price: $14.99
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As a Christian father, you bear a tremendous responsibility―to raise your children through both biblical instruction and personal example. But how can you succeed in a society that attacks the role of fatherhood and godly family values? Are you sometimes tempted to give in or give up?

The rewards of being a dad who leads are well worth making the effort to stand firm. The Bible offers clear guidance for dads on how to parent effectively


4) What The Bible Says About Parenting Biblical Principle For Raising Godly Children



More than ever, Christians need to know what the Bible actually teaches about parenting, and put it into practice.

Parents today seek answers from child experts, self-help books, or equally confused friends. But even the experts portray modern-day childbearing as a minefield strewn with psychological dangers and emotional hazards.


5) The Fulfilled Family: God’s Design for Your Home


List Price: $12.99
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In a world of divorce, casual sex, and homosexual unions, “family”?once the bedrock of our culture?is becoming a matter of uncertainty and argument. From some quarters, traditional roles for men and women are ridiculed. And standing firm in a healthy, well-functioning family is harder than ever.

So how can you have a happy home? How can you pass on strong morals to your children in a world going awry? By following God’s divine plan for family life,” writes Bible teacher, pastor, father, and grandfather John MacArthur in this book.


6) The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men


List Price: $18.00
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There is a crying need in the church today for men to be men. But competing visions for what a man is to be some growing out of popular culture and others arising from flawed teaching in the church are exacerbating the problem.

Rev. Richard Phillips believes it is possible to cut through all of this confusion by consulting the Bible. Only in the pages of Scripture, he asserts, can men find a clear explanation of their God-given roles as leaders, husbands, fathers, and churchmen. Beginning in Genesis, Phillips shows that God commissioned Adam to work and tend the Garden of Eden.


7) A Guide to Biblical Manhood


List Price: $4.49
Price: $4.49
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How to serve your wife, how to mold men through baseball, how to make men in the church and more practical theology for cultivating men of God who are doers of the Word for the sake of the Gospel.


8) Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole


List Price: $14.99
Price: $11.09
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The earthly crisis within manhood will be there until Jesus returns, but in Christ men are pointed toward the gospel as the vision for renewal.

Manhood Restored by exciting new pastoral voice Eric Mason combines theological depth with practical insights, putting men in step with a gospel-centered manhood that will enrich every facet of their lives.


9) Men and Marriage


List Price: $16.95
Price: $13.56
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Men and Marriage is a critical commentary that asks the burning question, How can society survive the pervasive disintegration of the family?

A profound crisis faces modern social order as traditional family relationships become almost unrecognizable.


10) Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families



Father Hunger is a thoughtful and timely excursion into our culture of fatherlessness, what Wilson calls “the central malady of our time.”

Central because it is the cause of so many of the ills we face – everything from atheism and crime to joyless feminism and paternalistic government expansion – but most important because of the effect it has on families, children, wives, and husbands. Bottom line: when fathers are checked out, left out, or ruled out, it hurts literally everyone.


11) The Shepherd Leader at Home: Knowing, Leading, Protecting, and Providing for Your Family


Husbands and dads play a crucial role in the health and survival of the family. That’s why leadership expert Tim Witmer has written this book—to strengthen our efforts to lead well.

He applies a biblical framework to the role of leadership in the home, showing how effective shepherding involves “knowing, leading, protecting, and providing for your family”; all the while communicating solid principles with a down-to-earth, relatable tone.


12) The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God



Based on the acclaimed sermon series by New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, this book shows everyone—Christians, skeptics, singles, longtime married couples, and those about to be engaged—the vision of what marriage should be according to the Bible.


13) What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him


List Price: $13.99
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A powerful and compelling new voice in Christian publishing, with a message urgently needed by today’s Christian men.

Every man encounters significant struggles in life—struggles that result in poor choices and decisions. Frequently these mistakes can be traced back to a common problem—a father who (even unintentionally) failed to provide counsel or a positive role model.





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