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With so many Christian books by Charles Spurgeon, which are the best? These Christian books by Charles Spurgeon made it to our list of top books and we’ve compiled them to make it easy for you to find them. Please note that we did not write the descriptions ourselves (for our thoughts on books, check out our book reviews).

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1) Morning and Evening: A New Edition of the Classic Devotional Based on The Holy Bible, English Standard Version



Morning and Evening: A New Edition of the Classic Devotional Based on The Holy Bible, English Standard Version is a classic devotional by Charles Spurgeon (1834–1892) (who was an English Baptist pastor at New Park Street Chapel, London).  Extremely well written, inspirational and meaty, this book is easy to read and it gives you lots to contemplate as you go about your day.

2) The Soul Winner: How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour



Charles Haddon Spurgeon offers up The Soul Winner: How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour.  At only 148 pages, this appears to be a short read, but it quite lengthy in terms of its wisdom and punch.  Beautifully written and honest, it gets right down to the core of the gospel and man’s need to be reconciled to God. This is a great read for all  Christians who want tools to help strengthen their understanding of evangelism so that they can share their faith.


3) The Treasury of David


The Treasury of David
List Price: $9.99
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C. H. Spurgeon – who was a British Particular Baptist preacher who remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations, among whom he is still known as the “Prince of Preachers” – presents nine separate Psalms of David that shed light on their deeper meaning in The Treasury of David. As evidenced in this book, Spurgeon has such depth of enlightenment and love for the gospel and the Spirit of God leads him into a deep understanding of all things scriptural.


4) Lectures to My Students


Lectures to My Students
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The late C. H. Spurgeon supervised the training of over 800 students and presents Lectures to My Students to share the wisdom he imparted to them with you. Spurgeon artfully teaches on the ministry (never diverting from depth of content) and hits on the very practical too. He is convinced that every aspect of the man, no matter how small, ought to be excellent and prepared for service. His advice touches on the voice, stage presence, illustrations,  matters of holiness, prayer, and the unction of the Holy Spirit. As usual, Christ shines forth through Spurgeon in this book.


5) All of Grace


All of Grace
List Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99
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All of Grace is Charles Spurgeon’s gospel centered book about the greatness of Jesus and the Lord’s redemptive heart towards his own. After reading this study on faith, readers will want to learn and experience more in their own lives.  While it is an older book and therefore not the speech of today it’s message is always true.



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