7 Short But Excellent Christian Books I Have Read

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Considering that there are tons of books that come out every year it seems impossible to find that right book that will equip us as Christians. Sometimes we look for it having criteria in mind like author, price, topic, format and recommendations. Then if you have reduced the search into just a pile we may have another thing to take in consideration. Will it be long or short book? Will it take much of my time or is it a quick. In other words, we need to know the length of the book.

Given the short attention span, our busy schedule, or the urgency to learn and apply certain principles for our personal life and ministry, we should step on the breaks and think which one I will choose to read. There are advantages that a thick book can offer to readers (more grounds covered, illustrations or images might be included, helpful indexes or appendix, etc.) that will make you despise a short book.

Then again, there is a looming fear that thick books gives to a reader. It might the overwhelming number of pages or boredom may come and leave an unfinished book. Look the other way and you’ll find short books do have advantages too. If you haven’t tried short books, it might be the right time to grab one.    

7 Short But Excellent Christian Books I Have Read

So let’s us leave those thick and bulky books for a while and dive to this list of books. Here are short, 100 pages less but excellent books that I have read and you should read too.


1.) “Apologetics Made Simple” by Jason L. Petersen

 Petersen presents 5 keys on which apologetics works in this straight forward book. There may not have examples or illustrations but defining these keys will give a clearer understanding how powerful apologetics is in the hand of a believer. If the word “apologetics” scares you, let this brief book bare the essentials that is easy to remember and easy to apply.  


2.) “A Primer on Free Will” by John Gerstner

 A short book (it’s just 28 pages!) that is part of the late John Gerstner’s ”Primer” series, Grestner did an excellent treatment of free will. John Gerstner doesn’t just bombard us with biblical jargons and verses but started this book by giving a great illustration. And as you follow along his argument and finish the book, Gerstner will really stoke you out. If you want to grasp free will that is essential to the discussion of the doctrine of grace, this book is an excellent one.


3.) “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards” by Mark Jones

 This latest release from Mark Jones, this book sets out the biblical view on good works and rewards which is sometimes sets confusion among Christians who don’t want to fall into legalism and antinomianism. If you find works a non essential in the issue of salvation or feel guilty of thinking of rewards for our labor in the Lord, let Jones affirm biblical truths on this topic that you’ll have a much clearer view of what God wants in your life.


4.)  “Church History for Modern Ministry” by Dayton Hartman

 Is church history relevant to our modern day ministry? How will it help our Christian living or apologetics from people, places and events that are so detached to our times? Will history teach us something considering Christianity has some unpleasant past? As you open this book, Dayton Hartman will show you why history matters. Beyond the people, numbers and places, church history will help you reinforce your Christian belief. Leaf though the pages of this book and get a better understanding of the importance of knowing our history. After all its our family history.  


5.) “Transgender” by Vaughn Roberts

 A brief introduction on a very controversial subject. The subject has been tackled in big books as part of homosexual issue.  As part of the “Talking Points” series, Vaughn Roberts delivers important points enough for a Christian to consider this issue and have a meaningful discussion that is not just relevant to the culture at large but also for the church. This book doesn’t just give us answers but tools on engaging with the transgender movement.


6.) “Discerning Truth” by Jason Lisle

 This maybe a companion book to “Ultimate Proof of Creation” but it’s a great read and a standalone too. Much of the debate between atheist and Christians specifically on the origins, are sometimes based on faulty logical statements. As Dr. Lisle lays the case for presuppositional apologetics in “Ultimate Proof of Creation” which I highly recommend, in this book Dr. Lisle list out logical fallacies for believers to be aware of and how can a Christian counter these statements in this short but powerful book.


7.)  “Why Bother with Church?” by Sam Allberry

 Church life is essential to the believer as part of his spiritual growth. Looking at the Bible we can see how Christ look at church in a special and intimate way. However we can’t help see some of its defects that turn us off. News about the latest scandals or meeting some religious nuts with outrageous claims, it seems that church only brings reproach to the world rather that share the good news of Christ. So why bother being part of a mess? Sam Allberry gives a believer reasons why church is important in this short but great book by answering common questions Christians always ask. Be sure to get this book that gives you reasons to give church a second look (or a second chance).


There you have it, 7 books I read that are short but gave a deep impact to me. They may be a one sitting read but books like these should be in your shelves. I hope and pray that you’ll check these books and may it make a difference in your life too. I do have 5 more books in mind but I think I’ll save it for future post. Till then happy reading and enjoy Jesus!

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