11 Podcasts to Challenge and Encourage Your Faith and Ministry

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I love books! I often point people to great books and love giving out great books. While this is true, I also find times of life that are hard to sit down and read all the books I want to read. Thank goodness for technology! I decided to start looking for podcasts that would teach me, encourage me, and edify me. I have greatly benefited from listening to these podcasts while driving, writing, during work breaks, and many more impromptu openings.

I decided I would share a list of my favorite/most listened to podcasts. These are mixtures of sermons, group discussions, interviews, and more. I hope you are encouraged by these and would encourage you to comment with any recommendations you may have also.

10 Podcasts to Challenge and Encourage Your Faith and Ministry


1.Help Me Teach the Bible (TGC)

I have long loved this podcast by The Gospel Coalition. Nancy Guthrie is a great model of being a student of the Word. In this podcast, she sits down with pastors and talks through a book of the Bible of a theme within the Bible. She finds a pastor or leader who is faithful to preaching and teaching God’s Word. Typically, this pastor has just recently preached through the book and she asks questions about how to teach the book faithfully and pastorally. In the discussion, they will walk through the whole book and help us to rightly understand the whole context. I encourage you if you are in ministry or if you are just wanting to study through a certain book of the Bible to listen to this podcast.

Favorite – Sam Storms on Hebrews


2.For the Church Podcast (MBTS)

I may be partially biased because I am a student at MBTS. However, I am also biased because I would like to think I know good podcasts when I hear them. Hosted by Jared Wilson, this podcast has been helpful in discussing current and long standing issues found in the local church. Jared sits down with pastors and leaders who have great wisdom and knowledge to help think through issues in the local church. Give this podcast a listen if you are thinking about going into ministry, just getting started in ministry, or have been in ministry for a long time. This podcast is full of helpful discussion.

Favorite – Episode 24 – Costi Hinn


3.Knowing Faith (The Village Church)

I love the ministry of The Village Church. I also love the leaders and the immense wisdom they give in faithfully ministering and humbling learning. While a good Matt Chandler sermon is exciting, I deeply enjoy the trio (Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley) in this podcast with their humorous dialogue and helpful discussion. This podcast is widely helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about Scripture. They have great topics that teach and encourage. There are many episodes that attack hard topics and verses in Scripture. There are other episodes that speak to common themes of Scripture and they shed light on a deeper understanding of these topics. The trio will encourage you, make you laugh, teach you how to disagree in places, and teach you how to encourage others while discussing theology. You will also begin feeling less scared of the word theology because of their helpful dialogue.

Favorite – Brothers & Sisters: Can We Do Theology Together?


4.Immanuel Nashville

Ray Ortlund is by far my favorite living preacher. I highly encourage you to listen to these sermons that are given at Immanuel Church. The main teaching elders are Ray Ortlund and T. J. Tims who are faithful expositors and great shepherds. If Ray Ortlund reads this my one request is for him to record himself reading all of Scripture so I can buy that audio version of the Bible (you will agree with me once you listen). Listen to these sermons and be confronted by a big God theology. Listen but don’t replace from sitting under your local churches preaching.

Favorite – Alive to God: Genesis 1


5.United? We pray

I am still pretty new to this podcast and trying to catch up from the past season. However, Isaac Adam and Trillia Newbell are the best hosts by far in all these podcasts. I would love to spend an afternoon with these two because I would feel so encouraged and edified. This podcast is aimed toward discussing the issues surrounding racial reconciliation and the local church. The welcome a wide range of guests who speak to different aspects of race issues and the local church. I have been challenged, heart broken, encouraged, and hopeful through these discussions. Within each episode is a faithfulness to the Gospel and a tone of care for God’s Kingdom. Most importantly to this podcast is that they PRAY to end the podcast. You must listen to this!

Favorite – Deep Demons: Race & The Church (w/ Ray Ortlund)


6.Doctrine and Devotion

Do you like bantering and good theology? You have arrived at your perfect podcast. Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler, or JOFO, will teach you and make you roll your eyes. Listeners are welcomed into their bromance while they help walk through practical and theological aspects of the local church. They are proudly Reformed Baptists (it’s even inked on them so hopefully they don’t shift too much in their theology) who speak to theology, training, current issues, and even listener questions/emails. The bantering is like no other. The theology is deep. The content is often very helpful. I encourage you to listen to this podcast even if you do not exactly line up or typically don’t listen to bantering for fun.

Favorite – Baptism and Communion with Erick Mason (2 different episodes)


7.Home Row: A Podcast with Writers on Writing

I am throwing a curveball into this list by including a podcast on writing. However, many of the episodes are speaking to those who are Christians that write, often Christian material, hosted by J. A. Medders, who is a pastor. If you aspire to grow in writing or just would like to hear how the authors write the material you read, give this a listen. Many great guests on the podcast and a lot of helpful material to challenge you in your writing.

Favorite – Life in the Wild as a Writer with Dan Dewitt


8.Pastor’s Talk (9Marks)

My understanding of the local church has been immensely helped through the ministry of 9 Marks. In this podcast, Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever have discussion on the marks of a healthy church and other topics surrounding the pastor and the church. Occasionally guests are welcomed on to speak about new books that are helpful or pastors who are faithful. Many of the episodes are practical discussions around ordinary local church topics. You will learn about Capital Hill Baptist Church’s process for elder’s meetings, discipleship, worship through song, prayer, conversion, and many more. Pastors will also enjoy listening to find encouragement when things are not going well and knowledge from those who have had success. Either way this podcast is good for future pastors, current pastors, church leaders, or anyone who is serious about the local church and the Bible.

Favorite – Episode 46: On Biblical Theology


9.The City of God Podcast (MBTS)

Hosted by Owen Strachan, this podcast helps understand how Christians are to think and speak in public theology. Coming out of the Center for Public Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Strachan is a respected scholar who unashamedly and graciously confronts the culture around us with the Bible.

Many of the episodes come from current events and topics that need to be addressed from a biblical worldview. Dr. Strachan helps us to see why the biblical worldview must be true and how to interact with those from a different worldview. The wide range of subjects express the breadth of knowledge that is given in this podcast. Are you interested in how history, rap, ESPN, Rob Bell, Billy Graham, and atonement could fit into one podcast? Start listening and you will be greatly helped to share your faith in the counter-biblical world around us.

Favorite – Art, Rap, and Excellence: A Conversation with Beautiful Eulogy


10.Word Matters

The beauty in this podcast is the simplicity amidst complex topics. Trevin Was and Brandon Smith take a hard or, seemingly, obscure passage in Scripture and explain it to the listener. They have discussed the 144,000, Paul’s thorn in the flesh, the Nephilim, submission of the Son to the Father, genocide, and many more topics. If any of these interest you then you will greatly appreciate the discussion from these two hosts. Occasionally they welcome a guest to weigh in on the issue. They are okay with disagreeing with each other. Smith and Wax will question each other’s view point. This podcast is encouraging and challenging. You will learn and feel more confident while reading some of these passages.

Favorite – Did Jesus empty himself of divinity?


11.Preaching and Preachers (MBTS)

I am not even sorry about having all three of MBTS’ podcasts on this list – they are that good! Hosted by the president of the seminary, Jason Allen, this podcast is geared toward pastors and preachers. The episodes welcome a new guest every time who is either a pastor or an elder at a church. A wide range of topics for pastors from a wide range of people who are welcomed to the discussion. If you are a pastor I encourage you to listen to at least one each off day you have in your week. You will be encouraged and you will be challenged in your ministry and preaching. You can listen to the likes of Owen Strachan, Jeff Iorg, Simon Gathercole, Bruce Ashford, Alvin Reid, Donald Whitney, and many more.

Favorite – Becoming a Christ-Centered Expositor (w/ Tony Merida)


Honorable mentions:

These did not make it into the list, but I recommend. These did not make the list in large part because I am somewhat new to listening, I do not listen on a regular basis, or they are from a specific season (not regularly added to).

  • Truth in Love (ACBC) – Biblical Counseling
  • Thinking in Public (Al Mohler) – Public Theology
  • Signposts with Russell Moore – Public Theology
  • Here We Stand (Desiring God) – Reformation history snippets
  • Coram Deo (Kyle Howard) – Racial reconciliation, counseling, and theology
  • The Front Porch – Church and theology for African-American churches and beyond
  • Church for the Rest of Us (Family Church Network) – Ministry and the local church
  • 5 Minutes in Church History (Stephen Nichols) – Snippets in Church history

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