10 Best Christian Coloring Books for Adults You Must Have

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(10 Incredible Christian Coloring Books for Adults)


Welcome to Top Christian Books, where our mission is to connect you with the best Christian books, both old and new.

Christian coloring books for adults is the new cool. Looking for an outlet to express your God-given creativity? Check these out! Please note that we did not write the descriptions ourselves (for our thoughts on books, check out our book reviews) nor are they in any particular order. What books would you add to the list? We’d love to hear from you!

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1) The Psalms in Color Coloring Book



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #1

Not surprisingly, The Book of Psalms is the superstar in this beautifully crafted christian adult coloring book The Psalms in Color Coloring Book. Featuring 56 drawings to color in, the pages include a variety of  patterns, designs, motifs and ink drawings that incorporate Scripture from Psalms. As a bonus, since the one-sided pages are perforated, you can share your creation and display or your artwork as a source of inspiration. With a lovely butterfly themed cover, the book is bound in heavy-duty stock with embossed text and ornate applications of spot-varnish and silver foil. Get The Psalms in Color Coloring Book.


2) Verses for Women Coloring Book



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #2

With a serene bouquet of pink roses on its cover Verses for Women is a beautiful collection of bible verses about womanhood for Christian. Not surprisingly, it is one of the best-selling Christian color books for adults.

This 108 page soft-cover book is perfect for women of all ages and makes a wonderful gift for wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends and co-workers. Each single-sided page features a Bible verse in beautiful calligraphy and moving designs for coloring. Since the back of each page is black, it minimizes any potential bleed-through. The back pages also feature calming patterns and the full length bible verses.  A lovely adult Christian coloring book.

3) The Word in Color Coloring Book



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #3

Christian Art Publishers brings us uplifting Scripture artistically presented on each page with complementary artwork in their adult coloring book The Word in Color Coloring Book.  The book includes gift tags, bookmarks and cards to color.

You will lose yourself in the peacefulness of coloring as you peruse this 100 plus page book.  The perforated pages make sharing easy and the glossy hardcover volume features embossed text and designs and a coil binding. Get the Word in Color now!


4) Color the Gospel Coloring Book



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #4

Part of the Inspired To Grace coloring book collection,  Color The Gospel! is perfect for those who enjoy creativity in worship and want to dive deeper into the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

With high quality paper and a beautiful matte finish cover design, this inspirational adult coloring book includes 30 designs (difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced).  You’ll definitely want to take a break from your busy schedule to lose yourself in this coloring book for a bit each day.

5) Beauty in the Bible Series



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #5

This beautiful adult coloring book includes moving Scripture quotes such as “You will show me the way of life” and “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Every page is thoughtfully designed to let you focus on Scripture and bring it to life with color.  Crated by illustrator Lindsay Hopkins, this premium edition features removable designs and thick stock suitable for framing.

6) Joy for the Journey



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #6

With fifty designs, this adult Christian coloring book by artist Amylee Weeks is a gift for the believer’s heart.  Weeks differentiates her coloring book from others on the market with her trademark simple and whimsical drawings.  These drawings are complimented with uplifting Scripture and inspired words.  The beautiful glossy hardcover volume features perforated pages, embossed text and designs and coil binding. Get your Joy for the Journey now!


7) All I Need is a Little Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #7

You won’t find an adult Christian coloring book as unique and modern as All I Need is a Little Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus.   Each single-sided page features beautiful coloring patterns and designs with quotes for you to fill with color. With large format pages (8.5 x 11), this coloring book boosts a premium matte-finish cover, 60 pound paper stock, whimsical patterns and black backed pages to minimize bleed-through. This book is also from the Inspired To Grace collection.Get this book now!


8) Grace Within Coloring Book



Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #8

Lovely sayings like “prayers go up and blessings come down,” “hope anchors the soul,” and “God’s timing is perfect” buttress this beautiful Christian coloring book for adults.  Renowned hand lettering artist Eva Marie and Paige Tate & Co. designed  Grace Within! It features removable 8 x 10 and 5 x 7 designs, thick paper and some of your favorite scriptures and phrases.  This is 80 pages of pure goodness.


9) The Promises of God Coloring Book


The artist Passio brings you this gorgeous and inspirational 96 page coloring book for adults.  It offers 44 richly detailed designs, imaginative backgrounds, high quality paper stock and more.  Particularly loved by millennials, this is a great Christian coloring book for the young adult in your life.


10) Faith in Color Adult Coloring Book


Faith in Color: An Adult Coloring Book
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Price: $8.99
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Top Christian Coloring Books for Adults // #9

With a gorgeous cover that pops, artist Pearlyn Choco blends uplifting Scripture with beautiful art in this stress-relieving Christian coloring book for adults. Seventy pages feature drawings ranging from simple to complex.  There are also many inspiring Scripture and inspirational quotes such as “Create in me a pure heart” and “Be the Light.” This Christian coloring book is ideal for Bible Study or personal worship and for adult colorists of all ages! Get Faith in Color today!



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